Author: Charlotte

Places To Find Saudi Food In France

To many, Paris remains the culinary capital of Europe, with casual eateries and fine dining opportunities to suit every taste. Of course, people looking for Saudi food in the French capital won’t be disappointed. Establishments serving Saudi classics like jareesh, haneeth, and hininy exist throughout the country, but all of our top picks are in the City of Love.


The brainchild of a Lebanese-Japanese couple, Mokonuts opened at the end of 2015 and quickly transitioned from a humble coffee shop with delectable sandwiches into a fine dining establishment. It features a short, but sweet menu of Middle Eastern, Japanese, and French starters and main courses. The owners carefully source and import classic Middle Eastern ingredients and weave in sumac, labneh, zaatar, and chickpeas in their delicious offerings.


This was actually the first restaurant serving Middle Eastern food in France. The dishes are excellent quality and the ambience is remarkable. Each dish offers a delicious whiff of the Middle East, an intricate story and subtle blend of spices that the kind, friendly staff and owners will be happy to tell. This restaurant is also available for private bookings. If you want to organize a special event, it could be hosted in a private room in the basement with intricate 13th century design elements, which would be a perfect choice for creative types.


Our third and final choice of where to enjoy delectable Saudi cuisine is Restaurant Fakra at Place de la Nation. This eatery guarantees and delivers value: a buffet on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, and a delightful, varied menu every night.

There are also some fun shows and a piano bar. You can sit outside in verdant surroundings if the weather is nice. The restaurant offers catering services too. It has been known to receive over a thousand guests at a time!

Is It Ok To Watch Porn?

The question of whether or not is okay to watch porn is asked often. The answer to it however, largely depends on whom you ask. Coincidentally, other factors such as marital status need to considered. For the most part, there are those who defend watching pornography. Moreover, they even promote and recommend it as a good thing. Generally, these are not sex experts, but people who form an opinion without data or research results.

No doubt that if you ask anyone who has a strong religious background about porn viewing, they will say no. Looking at sexually explicit images goes entirely against what they believe in. Some say that it has been the religious zeal of politicians, preachers and activists which helped drive folks to view porn. Still, there is no denying that innovative advancements in tech played a huge role. Mobile devices are one of the biggest factors in the increase of porn viewing.

Smartphones, tablets and computers have strongly helped facilitate smut viewing. More importantly though, these devices have made it easier for people to create porn videos themselves. The end result has been an explosion of amateur porn available all over the world. All of this pornography so easily attainable is the major reason people are asking so many questions about looking at it. Those who have fetishes, often find sexual release by checking out adult material related to it. Curious individuals about certain sex acts also benefit somewhat from it.

While couples or people in relationships check out porno together, there are those who do so on their own or in secret. That is when it can become a problem and not okay to look at it. Also anyone who is doing it while at work. The same for anyone who becomes addicted to watching it. After all, any addiction is serious, including smut. In truth, there will be differences of opinion on this topic for a long time. But as people become more liberal and times change, so will opinions. All of them point to porn viewing becoming more okay to do as time goes by.

Top 5 Best Places To Visit In France

Admittedly, Paris isn’t the place to be right now, but you’ll be happy to learn there’s no need to cancel that trip to France quite just yet. There are plenty of safe alternatives to the City of Love and its incessant riots!


The historical center of this city, which is located on the border of France and Germany, makes it worth visiting. Visitors feast their eyes on a blend of French and German architecture, shops, museums, cafes and remarkable attractions such as the notable Gothic cathedral, which features a three-century old astrological clock and intricate carvings.


With its splendid view of the River Garonne just 30 minutes inland of the Atlantic Ocean, this port city features a fab medley of architecture, shopping areas, historic sites, and internationally famous art and cultural offerings. The downtown area features hundreds of historic structures and monuments, including Middle-Age churches and charming historical structures like the Ponte de Pierre bridge. Not to mention the wine…

French Riviera

This place shouldn’t be passed up even in winter if you have the money. The Cote d’ Azur is very popular with international tourists of all walks of life, but typically the rich and famous. Some of its famous events and destinations are St. Tropez and the Cannes Film Festival.


Highlights of this scenic region of southwestern France are the picture-perfect castles and villages, but if you’re coming here, you need at least two weeks.


Luberon is our top choice not only because it’s a haven for socialites (and everyone else who feels an irresistible urge toward the charming villages in summer). Located in central Provence, Luberon became famous across Europe after Peter Mayle’s books about life here. Its brightly-colored houses, lush forests, colorful markets, and fields of lavender contribute to its magic.