To many, Paris remains the culinary capital of Europe, with casual eateries and fine dining opportunities to suit every taste. Of course, people looking for Saudi food in the French capital won’t be disappointed. Establishments serving Saudi classics like jareesh, haneeth, and hininy exist throughout the country, but all of our top picks are in the City of Love.


The brainchild of a Lebanese-Japanese couple, Mokonuts opened at the end of 2015 and quickly transitioned from a humble coffee shop with delectable sandwiches into a fine dining establishment. It features a short, but sweet menu of Middle Eastern, Japanese, and French starters and main courses. The owners carefully source and import classic Middle Eastern ingredients and weave in sumac, labneh, zaatar, and chickpeas in their delicious offerings.


This was actually the first restaurant serving Middle Eastern food in France. The dishes are excellent quality and the ambience is remarkable. Each dish offers a delicious whiff of the Middle East, an intricate story and subtle blend of spices that the kind, friendly staff and owners will be happy to tell. This restaurant is also available for private bookings. If you want to organize a special event, it could be hosted in a private room in the basement with intricate 13th century design elements, which would be a perfect choice for creative types.


Our third and final choice of where to enjoy delectable Saudi cuisine is Restaurant Fakra at Place de la Nation. This eatery guarantees and delivers value: a buffet on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, and a delightful, varied menu every night.

There are also some fun shows and a piano bar. You can sit outside in verdant surroundings if the weather is nice. The restaurant offers catering services too. It has been known to receive over a thousand guests at a time!

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