Admittedly, Paris isn’t the place to be right now, but you’ll be happy to learn there’s no need to cancel that trip to France quite just yet. There are plenty of safe alternatives to the City of Love and its incessant riots!


The historical center of this city, which is located on the border of France and Germany, makes it worth visiting. Visitors feast their eyes on a blend of French and German architecture, shops, museums, cafes and remarkable attractions such as the notable Gothic cathedral, which features a three-century old astrological clock and intricate carvings.


With its splendid view of the River Garonne just 30 minutes inland of the Atlantic Ocean, this port city features a fab medley of architecture, shopping areas, historic sites, and internationally famous art and cultural offerings. The downtown area features hundreds of historic structures and monuments, including Middle-Age churches and charming historical structures like the Ponte de Pierre bridge. Not to mention the wine…

French Riviera

This place shouldn’t be passed up even in winter if you have the money. The Cote d’ Azur is very popular with international tourists of all walks of life, but typically the rich and famous. Some of its famous events and destinations are St. Tropez and the Cannes Film Festival.


Highlights of this scenic region of southwestern France are the picture-perfect castles and villages, but if you’re coming here, you need at least two weeks.


Luberon is our top choice not only because it’s a haven for socialites (and everyone else who feels an irresistible urge toward the charming villages in summer). Located in central Provence, Luberon became famous across Europe after Peter Mayle’s books about life here. Its brightly-colored houses, lush forests, colorful markets, and fields of lavender contribute to its magic.

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